Beautiful places to visit in El Nido

Would you like to travel to an angelic city like El Nido? If so, now is the time. Located on the island of Palawan, this city of El Nido remains a natural masterpiece to make a perfect excursion. You can explore its beaches, gaze at its lagoons, and don't forget its crystal-clear waters. This article presents you with some beautiful islands and beaches to explore for your next holiday.

Bacuit Bay

Dotted with islets and islands, this bay stands out among those around the world. Its crystal clear waters are brimming with marine life. Bacuit is home to turtles, dugongs, manta rays and various species of fish. In this bay, there are coral reefs with rare whales. As a reminder, there are more than thirty dive sites. They are of a considerable depth of 6 or even 30 metres.


Cad Lao remains the largest island in El Nido Town. It alone borders on an area of 10.06 kmĀ². If you opt for this hike, you will have to discover this island which stands at 640 metres above sea level and closer to the said city. For its white sandy pages, let's not talk about it anymore. They are magnificent for couple or family walks. With a slightly inclined slope, its white bottom remains admirable especially its paths and lagoons are hidden by a luxuriant forest. Imagine yourself for a moment in the middle of this marvel assisted by the songs of birds. Come and visit this island in silence from the morning of happiness or at sunset.

Pangalusian Island

There is no shortage of white sandy beaches in this vast expanse. This area is best for beach activities. It remains a perfect opportunity for sunset viewing, lounging and other activities. In addition, there is a college of coral reefs in these waters which make this area an excellent snorkelling and diving area. This island offers a beautiful 360-degree view of the Bacuit Archipelago. However, it can be visited in the early morning as well as in the afternoon.