Beautiful Hiking in Palawan

Have you ever thought of taking a peaceful hike in Palawan? If not, those who have already experienced it would like to relive those unforgettable moments of joy. Indeed, this island is full of exceptional tourist sites, which will make you have a good time with your family or your partner. In this article, you will have to discover better destinations that are hidden in Palawan City.

Secret Lagoon

Secret Lagoon is located towards the south of Miniloc Island. A small Lagoon with a different access. Indeed, you have to take through a rock hole to integrate this site. First of all, the water around this place is passable on foot or by snorkelling. The tide is not as dense. Besides walking or snorkelling, it is time to crawl through the rock in question to enter Secret Lagoon. After that, you can see a beautiful white sandy beach. Rest assured, this is a very sunny area and perfect for couples, solo or family discoveries.

Shimizu Island

Here, it is an island assisted by an iconic beach. Shimizu Beach is home to snorkelling lovers. At the bottom of its waters sit fish and turtles. Very sublime, this place remains unforgettable to the experienced. Moreover, this place is among those that the Palawan Tour A has in store for its visitors. A real turning point for eating and drinking.

7 Commando Beach

7 Commando Beach on the island of Palawan City is located not far from El Nido. Being south of El Nido, this area is well sunny and offers heavenly and attractive weather. Indeed, it is one of the most popular and frequented areas of Palawan. On the 7 commandos there are bars that cater for refreshing drinks.